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Iron Casting and Iron Melting Information Released
Time: 2009/1/6 14:51:50 Author: http://www.free-press-release.com/news/200806/1212

Learn the basics of Iron Casting, different types of Iron Furnace, and Iron Melting. Information and lots of tips for Irony Casting and DIY General Iron Casting Information.

United States of America (Press Release) June 9, 2008 --
Metal Casting Zone has just released a new Forum section of their website that has all of the informative questions and answers on Iron Casting, Iron Melting, and other Iron Furnace Casting Information. This is part of a new forum on the metal casting community website that is all about Casting. Members and non-members can visit this Forum page on the Metal Casting website for free at: http://www.metalcastingzone.com/metal-casting-forum.
Here is an excerpt from the new Metal Casting Forum Iron Casting information webpage:

“Many believe that iron casting is just simply out of reach for small furnaces but this is not the case. While alloys like aluminum are more prevalent in home foundries. Artists and hobbyists have also used brass, bronze, and even iron to fulfill their casting needs.

Industrial foundries commonly use iron for a variety of items like cookware, like cast iron pans, and even bridges. Casting iron provides an easy and effective method of making such large structural pieces and even smaller pieces for around the home.
source: FPR

The most common furnace type used by home foundries is the cupola furnace. The cupola is a basic furnace type that does not need a crucible as it allows the caster to pour the molten metal directly from the furnace into a ladle which is then poured into the mold.”

There is plenty of more information on the new Iron Casting and Iron Furnace Info of metal casting Forum Category that can be found by visiting: http://www.metalcastingzone.com/metal-casting-forum/iron-casting. There is also a special going on now that allows members to gain access to free ebooks and other free materials just for signing up as a member of the casting website. The Forum can be found at http://www.metalcastingzone.com/metal-casting-forum/iron-casting . Users should check back often to the Iron Castings page as more information will be added as the website expands and grows.

About Metal Casting Zone: Metal Casting Zone is a Community Site that brings users into a deeper relationship with Metal Casting.


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