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Jianbei is ISO Certified: 
Our commitment to quality is in our mission statement.  Our ISO 9001:2000 certification is the heart of our quality management system. We are a certified supplier of all major customers. Meeting the expectations of our customers, associates and owners is our commitment. Our process ensures the production of world class quality product for Jianbei’s customers. Steps include purchased material control, materials testing, product assessment, conformance audits, corrective action, personnel training, statistical process control and continuous improvement programs.

Our controlled processing continues in the casting process to ensure a rapid rate of heat transfer, which results in a fine equalized grain structure in the solidified casting. Mold temperature, pouring temperature and pouring rate are maintained exactly as specified. 

Physical and chemical tests Jianbei offer:

1. Spectrometer

2. mechanical testing

3. Rockwell Hardness Tester

4. Liquid penetrate inspection

5. metallographic examination

6. Hydraulic Universal Tensile Strength Machine

We will bring the highest quality to our customers

Hydraulic Universal
Tensile Strength Machine

Metallographic Miriam


Carbo/Sulphur Analyzer



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