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Following are some useful tips to help customers be more valuable price and quality feedback

A detailed product information on the product plays a vital role in inquiry, if the lack of some important information. Different casting plant will be in their own positions and assumptions to infer the price list of different standards. If you choose to offer more at the end of a casting plant, and sometimes this hypothetical prices may be due at the end of foundry products to customers to make the wrong assumptions and judgments. Then you will be clients of the idea of trying to correct these information, but also natural foundry and will increase the likelihood of the offer, or even to cancel previous orders and re-pricing, samples, and so on. This is not only a waste of time but will also waste a lot of energy.

Therefore, the political benefits steel has provided the following each of these points to help provide customers with product information more effectively in order to provide a more accurate quote list

1、 Customer's purchasing managers and address
2、 Inquiry
3、 Sample volume and delivery date
4、 One year required for production
5、 When the sample after passing the products needed for the quantity and delivery date
6、 Customer target price of products
7、 Delivery address
8、 Billing address
9、 A copy of CAD products
10、Product names
13、To provide the necessary material of iron and steel foundry
15、Precision machining size
16、Steps to the need for heat treatment


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